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My First Year of Marriage Almost Killed Me


Barbara Lamb says Sep 2, 2015

Beautifully expressed truth. Thanks so much for putting into words what so many couples today fail to do, or are even willing to do. And...Happy Anniversary!

Carol says Sep 1, 2015

i never thought about marriage like dying, but it is so true and where many marriages fail is neither or one is not willing to die to self. Thanks, Micah! Once again, you are wise beyond your years!!

Michelle Brazier says Sep 1, 2015

Been married 24 years never really thought of "becoming one " like this, but it is so true . If you don't let self die then it becomes really hard to be in a marriage. Some advice I was given at one of my wedding showers was that marriage should be 50/50 but sometimes you have to go over that 50%. When you throw kids in the mix then you totally loose self!! Micah you are an amazing Man of God!! Amber and you have a bright future. I wish you both many years together as being "one"!!

Omie Cazzell says Sep 1, 2015

I really love this, it really touched me in a special way. Thanks for sharing. Love to you and Amber!

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